A Brief History

The idea of the Chadlington Beer Festival was conceived by Rik Yapp, a Dad with children at our local village school.  Rik recognised that the school was desperately short of funds and something needed to be done to raise a significant amount of cash.  Rik and his beery Dad mates sat in the pub on many a night drinking beer and scratching their heads... what could they do... none of them knew how to bake so a cake sale was definitely out of the question and Mrs Heath had the monopoly on raffles so what else could they do?  As they stared deeper into their beer glass an idea began to germinate... after their families (naturally!) what was the one thing they held dear? Et voila, as self-sacrificing as it was, they would drink beer for charity.

The Beer Festival is still run to raise funds for Chadlington School, but the committee has broadened to include lovely people from the community, as well as parents.  We always welcome new members so if you're interested in getting involved, please get in touch: friendsofchadlingtonschool@gmail.com

Following the triumph of the first Chadlington Beer Festival, way back in 2004, it has become a permanent fixture on the thinking man's beer calendar and, just like it was in 2004, it's still ALL ABOUT THE BEER!